January 1 – Bloody Mary Day

Here we go with the first post in this new blog and I am already cheating! See I started drinking Bloody Mary’s last night at a NYE party, but the bar closed before midnight so the plan of having one in my hand as the clock chimed midnight failed.

USA 365 and Hanjin Brussels 042 I did get a nice memento from the party though.

The BMs I did consume were extremely more-ish, perhaps because they were made the ‘proper way’. (With Worcestershire – pronounced Wuster – sauce, none of this Tabasco rubbish!) It was also the first time to have an olive in the glass.

A little Googling reveals many conflicting stories about the origins of this drink, and also some pretty nasty alternatives. Beer and tomato juice? That’s just wrong! However you like yours mixing – enjoy, and be grateful you don’t live in Korea, where all tomato juice comes with added sugar!

Bonus story: when I lived in Tokyo I had a couple of dates with a local guy who I will never forget! One day we were wandering round some shops, idly passing the time by commenting on display items, as you do. What I didn’t realise was that he was making a mental note of every item I showed any interest in. At some point he managed to buy them all and presented them to me with a very satisfied smile. That’s how I managed to end up with a catering size tin of tomatoes, which made themselves into several bottles of BM for Jen’s leaving party some months later. (Sans the man!)